PrimaDonna fan? Become model for a day yourself!

Beautiful lingerie that fits really well can change your life. The models from our previous Shine in PrimaDonna campaigns can talk about that. Did our lingerie also play an important role in your life? Do you want to inspire other women with your story and the self-confidence you radiate? And would you really like to experience a photo shoot, with a professional fashion photographer, make-up artists and stylists? Let us know... And who knows, you might soon be beaming in front of our camera. Welcome to the PrimaDonna family!

Any questions? Chances are you'll find the answer here!

Shine in PrimaDonna is a campaign in which we put fans like you in the spotlight. We make our lingerie for you and it gives us endless pleasure to see you shine in your PrimaDonna set. That's why we put you in front of the camera for once: YOU shine in PrimaDonna. The previous Shine in PrimaDonna campaigns can be viewed here.

In order to assess whether you are a true PrimaDonna fan and meet all the criteria to shine in our campaigns, please send us the following details by e-mail:

  • Last name & first name
  • Town/city
  • Telephone number
  • Your native language, and please specify whether you also speak fluent English
  • Your bra size (circumference + cup size)
  • Your favourite PrimaDonna bra
  • Optional: a link to your IG profile
  • Add a short video (1 min. max) to your email introducing yourself:
    • Who are you?
    • Why are you a true PrimaDonna fan?
    • How and when did you discover PrimaDonna?
    • Why do you want to take part in this shoot? The most compelling stories will qualify to take part in one of our next Shine in PrimaDonna campaigns. Click here to find out how to record your video and copy/paste it into your e-mail.

It is very easy to record a video of yourself and send it to us. Just complete the following steps to create one in no time at all.

  • Go to the video platform (*)
  • Do not proceed as a ‘guest’, but sign up for free so that we can keep your video for long enough.
  • Select your prerecorded video OR record your video using the Streamable app itself.
  • Click on ‘use video’. Your video is now uploaded to the platform.
  • Add your name to the video (‘add a title’)
  • Copy the link to your video (‘copy link’)
  • Finally, copy/paste the link to your video in your e-mail

By submitting your video to Streamable, you agree to Streamable’s privacy policy. Streamable has taken the required organizational and technical measures to protect your details from loss or disclosure.

In the coming weeks we will take the time to view your beautiful photos and videos and make a selection. At the latest within one month you can expect an answer from us via e-mail. If you are at the first selection, we invite you for an online interview. After we get to know everyone better, we make our final selection. Within two weeks you will hear if you will soon shine in front of our camera.

Every PrimaDonna fan has the chance of becoming one of the faces of Shine in PrimaDonna! The chance of being selected depends, among other things, on the number of applications we receive. We also aim to include as much diversity as possible and are guided in our choice by your story!

The photo shoot takes one day. We will let you know well in advance where and when it will take place. That day we welcome you in our photo studio, together with a professional team of hair and make-up artists, stylists, a photographer and a videographer. That may sound a bit overwhelming, but rest assured: the atmosphere during a PrimaDonna shoot is always very friendly and relaxed. Above all, we want to give you a good feeling, a great experience ... and seeing you shine in your PrimaDonna set :)

Your photos are part of the Shine in PrimaDonna campaign. They will therefore appear on our website, social media, in print media and through other channels. Complete this info.

Would you like to participate in Shine in PrimaDonna and do you have a question that was not answered above? Send an email to We try to answer your question as soon as possible (but keep in mind that we may receive a lot of emails).

If you have a press question about Shine in PrimaDonna, you can address it to

PD SIP - Inge - BTS - landscape | PrimaDonna


"I would never have done this ten years ago, really never, when I was eighteen. But as I got a little older, I've realized that lingerie can really do a lot. Now I want to show my body and primadonna's lingerie helps with that. Instead of putting it away, I think, no, I'm just going to dress it up in a nice way and here it is!"

PD - SIP - BTS Christel - landscape | PrimaDonna


"By participating in this shoot, I want to give the message that it is very nice to wear lingerie from PrimaDonna and that you even dare to stand in front of the camera with it (laughs). So I would say to any woman: come on, choose PrimaDonna and let yourself shine, because that's what you do in PrimaDonna."