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Shopping for wedding lingerie? Our top tips!

Your wedding lingerie is just as important as your wedding dress. But how do you choose the right set? When should you buy bridal lingerie? And what exactly is lingerie styling for brides-to-be? Below are PrimaDonna's top tips for women with a larger cup size.

When should you buy bridal lingerie?

We understand how tempting it is to rush to the store for the perfect seductive or romantic set. But bridal lingerie is not something you should buy on a whim. When it comes to planning your wedding, good timing and a solid plan are everything. To help you get started, we created this useful checklist. “When should I buy my bridal lingerie?” is one of the most common questions from brides-to-be. 

The golden rule is: Buy your wedding dress (or your suit or other unique outfit that’s totally you) and then buy your lingerie. If you have a larger cup size, it's important to buy a set that matches your outfit and is also comfortable and supportive. Make an appointment as soon as possible with a lingerie boutique near you.

Lingerie for brides-to-be: stylists to the rescue

The lingerie you wear on your wedding day is an important part of a stunning bridal look. If you have a larger cup size, it's particularly important to pick lingerie that looks incredible and provides the right support and a comfortable fit, from the moment you slip it on until the early hours of your wedding night. Lingerie styling can make all the difference. 

During a styling session, the lingerie stylist will measure you and determine which bra styles and colors suit you best. She will also explain the different types of bridal lingerie, from shaping to smooth to lace. In addition to being extremely useful, a lingerie styling session is also fun – and the perfect pre-wedding treat!

Lingerie styling: three steps to finding the perfect set 

  1. The right size Eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra size. The right bra size is crucial to finding a comfortable bra that fits like a dream, especially for larger cup sizes. That's why a styling session always starts with your measurements. The stylist will either use a measuring tape or her experienced eye to determine your size.

  2. The right style Every body is different. Some women look great in a feminine balcony style while others look incredible in bras with more coverage. You may prefer one style over another because of the comfortable fit. The lingerie stylist will help you find the perfect set based on your body type and your personal preferences.

  3. The right design While bridal lingerie used to come in just one color – white – you can now choose from a wide range of colors. The lingerie stylist can help you find a set that reflects your personal style, your complexion, and your wedding dress. Some women end up buying two sets: a smooth and supportive set for the wedding day and a more coquettish set for the wedding night. You're sure to find the perfect lingerie set that makes you feel confident and beautiful!

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