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How to prevent uncomfortable underwire

What does underwire do?

Underwire helps your bra keep its shape and lifts and supports fuller breasts. Ideally, the underwire should fit snugly around your breasts without causing irritation. The underwire in PrimaDonna bras are hollow on the inside and rounded on the outside, which makes them flexible enough to fit comfortably around each breast. This patented design features three layers of fabric for the ultimate comfort. Underwire should never poke, pinch, or be painful in any way. If it is, you’re probably wearing the wrong size. The underwire should surround each breast entirely and lay flat against the ribs.

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Your bra is painful under the arms

Underwire poke can happen when your bra is too big or too small. It’s a common fit issue that is easy to identify and prevent. The easiest way to test whether you’re wearing the right size bra is to push gently against the edge of the underwire. If it pokes into your underarm, the underwire is too big or you're wearing the wrong style. If the underwire digs into your breasts, it’s too small and you should go up a cup size.

The underwire should never touch your breasts, because breast tissue is soft and sensitive. Underwire poke can lead to irritation and even painful scratches. It’s also uncomfortable. There’s nothing worse than feeling your underwire poke or irritate your skin all day!

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Rib pain

Is your bra causing rib pain? Then the underwire is poking into your ribs, which means you may need a bigger band size or a different style bra. The center gore can tell you a lot about the fit of an underwire bra. Underwire should never poke or pinch the skin and the center gore should lie flat against the chest in order to provide the right support for larger breasts. If the center gore lays flat against your breastbone, you’ve found the perfect fit!

Does painful underwire mean it's time for a new bra?

When to replace an underwire bra If your underwire bra is uncomfortable or if the size or style no longer fits properly, it's time to get a new bra. Did you know the average underwire bra should be replaced about every eight months? Of course, this depends on how often the bra is worn and how it's washed and cared for. If you always use a laundry bag and wash your lingerie on a delicate cycle, your bras can last for years.