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The most common bra struggles for women with a larger cup size and how to solve them!

If you can't wait to take off your bra at the end of the day, you're probably wearing the wrong size. This can cause a host of fit issues that make wearing a bra uncomfortable. The key to comfort is a bra that fits perfectly. If you have fuller breasts, it’s important to wear a bra with the right support. This will help improve your posture and prevent back pain and other complaints.

The six most common bra issues for women with a larger cup size

Slipping straps and poking underwire are just two of the bra issues all women struggle with from time to time. But what does this say about your bra and your bra size? These tips can help you find the perfect bra for you. If you're still unsure about the right size or style, ask a lingerie stylist. With her professional advice, you’ll find your dream set in no time.

1. Quadriboob

The solution to this bra problem is relatively simple: size up. There’s a good chance you're in the wrong cup size. Try one cup size bigger, for example, size up from an 80C to an 80D. If you feel like the bra is too loose, choose a smaller band size as well (in this case 75D). If you're unsure about your cup size make an appointment at a lingerie boutique near you.

2. Painful shoulders

Do you have to tighten your straps so much they dig into your shoulders? If so, your band size is probably too big. The band provides most of your bra’s support and lift, up to 80% in fact! If you're not wearing the right band size, the straps have to do all the work, which can cause painful shoulders. In this case, try a bra with a smaller band size."

3. No styles in your size

You can't find stylish bras in your size that offer the right support. The bras that are available are far from fashionable, let alone feminine or flirty. If you can't find the styles you love in your size, stop by your lingerie boutique and ask to try on a set form the PrimaDonna collection. We create stylish and feminine lingerie, sports bras, and swimwear with a super-comfy fit and the best support for cup sizes from B to M. Try one on and you’ll be sold!

4. Underwire poke

This fit issue is painful. Fortunately, it’s something you’ll probably notice as soon as you try on a bra. If your underwire is poking through or digging into your skin, it’s time for a new bra.

In poor-quality bras, the underwire may not be sufficiently covered, which can cause irritation. PrimaDonna’s patented underwire shape prevents it from poking through and digging in. The super-soft fabric covering also prevents skin irritation.

Underwire poke can also be caused by wearing the wrong size or style. If the cup size is too small, the underwire will dig into your breast tissue. In this case, the solution is to go up a cup size.

5. Breast asymmetry

Did you know that no woman has perfectly symmetrical breasts? For some women, however, the difference is more obvious. To ensure the most comfortable fit and the right support, choose a bra size based on the largest breast. If you have a bit of room in the other cup, you can add a gel pad to fill the empty space.

Tip: A bra without pre-formed cups is more flexible and adapts better to the shape of your breast. The three-piece underwire bra in the PrimaDonna Madison series and I Do series are perfect for women with asymmetrical breasts. The sturdy fabric provides the right support for larger cup sizes and the trim on the upper cups is elastic, ensuring the perfect fit.

6. Volume loss

Breasts can lose their fullness as we age and after pregnancy. Fortunately, PrimaDonna has a bra that provides the perfect amount of lift and support for all cup sizes. If you prefer a comfortable bra with a bit more coverage, PrimaDonna’s underwire bras are a great choice. If you want to create irresistible cleavage, try PrimaDonna’s tulip-cut bras. The cups lift and center the breasts, creating full and feminine cleavage for any cup size

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