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What bra should you wear under a strapless dress?

So many dresses, so many bras. Lingerie can make or break your look. This is especially true for strapless dresses, ranging from wedding gowns to evening gowns. The wrong lingerie can ruin an elegant bare-shoulder look. If you have larger breasts, going braless or wearing adhesive bras or low-quality bras with zero support is an absolute no-go. The best way to create a gorgeous silhouette and a comfortable fit is with a beautiful strapless bra that gives you the support you need.

Do strapless bras offer enough support?

Strapless dresses and bras are super-feminine, but do they give women with a larger cup size the support they need? The answer is: Yes! That is, if you wear strapless lingerie specifically designed to support larger cup sizes. A sturdy bra with removable straps accentuates your curves, creates a feminine silhouette, and guarantees a comfortable fit under your favorite dress.

The PrimaDonna collection includes a range of strapless styles with an impeccable fit for larger cup sizes. Our bandeau bras have a sturdy yet soft back band with a unique construction that offers the support you need. The comfortable cups lift and center the breasts and create irresistible cleavage. The Divine series has an elegant bra with sturdy padded cups and removable straps, making it the perfect bra under strapless dresses. For all your other outfits, simply attach the straps.

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The right size: A must with strapless bras

The last thing you want during your first dance as husband and wife is a bra that won’t stay put. To make sure this doesn’t happen, some women size down when buying a strapless bra. The result is uncomfortable and unflattering. A bra that's too tight can dig in and leave you looking lumpy and bumpy. Make sure your breasts fill the cups completely, that the underwire doesn’t poke, and that the upper cups don’t dig in.

Did you know that the back band accounts for the majority of a bra's support? That's why it's important to wear the right band size, especially when going strapless. The band should lay flat against your back and fit snugly without feeling uncomfortable. If you can fit two fingers between the band and your back when the bra is on the middle hook, you've found the right band size.

The do’s and don’ts of strapless bras


  1. Size down Comfort is key, especially when you're going strapless. A bra that digs in and clearly shows under your dress is a sure-fire way to ruin your look. Choose the right size so your breasts get the comfortable support they deserve.

  2. Go braless You may be tempted to go braless when wearing a backless or strapless dress. However, your breasts deserve good support and your dress deserves the best possible lingerie.

  3. Choose the wrong color The color of your lingerie is important, especially under a white dress. For an invisible look, choose lingerie that matches your skin tone or opt for red.


  1. Choose a seamless bra A killer dress deserves to be in the spotlight. The best way to create a smooth, comfy, and invisible look is with seamless lingerie.

  2. Sturdy padded cups Want to create irresistible cleavage? You can't go wrong with a strapless bra with padded cups. This style creates the perfect lift and full cleavage no matter your cup size.

  3. Ask a lingerie stylist If you’re not sure which size, color, or style to wear under your strapless dress, stop by your favorite local boutique and enlist the help of a lingerie stylist. During a professional styling session, she can help you find the perfect set for your body and your look. Tip: Bring your outfit with you to the store and they can help you find a matching bra.