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Our swimwear blog is all about helping you find the perfect bikini or swimsuit. Discover the different types of bikinis and swimsuits, from classic triangle tops to sporty one-pieces. We offer insights into the latest trends and styles, helping you stay up-to-date with the latest swimwear fashions. We also understand the importance of caring for your swimwear, which is why we provide expert advice on how to keep your bikinis and swimsuits looking great for longer.

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Our care instructions: How to wash your bikini

Most women only wear a bikini a few weeks a year. Unfortunately, exposure to sunlight, swimming pool chemicals, sunscreen, sweat, and seawater can wreak havoc on your favorite swimsuit or bikini. The result: Faded colors and areas of wear and tear. Help! What’s the best way to care for your swimwear? PrimaDonna answers your burning questions. 

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Shop our bikinis and swimsuits in your favorite lingerie fit

Find your favorite lingerie fit in our swimwear collection. Our bikinis and swimsuits offer the same comfort and support. Could you use some extra confidence at the beach? PrimaDonna Swim will make you feel proud of your feminine curves. Stylish, trendy, and with the same unrivalled support for larger cup sizes. Find your perfect fit and get ready for a carefree summer.