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Our care instructions: How to wash your bikini

Most women only wear a bikini a few weeks a year. Unfortunately, exposure to sunlight, swimming pool chemicals, sunscreen, sweat, and seawater can wreak havoc on your favorite swimsuit or bikini. The result: Faded colors and areas of wear and tear. Help! What’s the best way to care for your swimwear? PrimaDonna answers your burning questions. 

Should I wash my bikini by hand or in the washing machine? 

Tip one: Rinse! After you swim, immediately rinse your bikini or swimsuit in cold or lukewarm water to remove any harmful substances. Tip two: Check the care instructions on the label. Not all fabrics can be machine-washed. Regardless of what the label says, we always recommend washing swimwear by hand. Use cold or lukewarm water and a gentle detergent. Never leave your bikini or swimsuit to soak; you should rinse it immediately. 

Machine-washing your swimwear

If you prefer to wash your lingerie or swimwear in the washing machine, that's fine. Just don’t make a habit of it and be sure to follow these three important rules

  • Choose the short program for delicate wash 

  • Wash with cold or lukewarm water    

  • Use a laundry bag 

If your lingerie or swimwear has sequins, you should ideally wash it by hand. 

Our final tip: Never use fabric softener. It can affect the elasticity of the fabric. 

Should I line-dry or tumble-dry my swimwear?

Once your bikini or swimwear has been washed, do not wring it out. This can damage the fibers and the elasticity of the fabric. What should you do instead? Lay swimwear out flat and allow to air dry. Never leave to dry in direct sunlight, as this can cause discoloration, and never tumble-dry, as it can damage the fabric. 

Long live swimwear care instructions!

That’s it! If you follow those care instructions, you’ll get the most out of your swimwear. 

Check out our five tips for keeping your swimwear in tip-top condition: 

  1. Don't buy swimwear too small. This can put extra tension on the fabric and cause it to stretch out more quickly. 

  2. When it comes to swimwear, premium materials are important. High-quality Lycra is thicker and more resistant to sun, seawater, and chlorine. Opt for high-quality swimwear by PrimaDonna.

  3. Love the sun? You can soak up the sun for hours in PrimaDonna’s heat-proof swimwear! 

  4. Avoid rough stones and swimming pool tiles as they can damage the fabric of your swimsuit or bikini. Always bring a towel to sit on. 

  5. Don’t wear your best bikini in the jacuzzi. The hot water can damage the fabric and cause the colors to fade. 

It’s high time for a swim!