Shine in PrimaDonna

5 inspiring women, 5 unique stories

Seeing you shine in our lingerie is why we do what we do. That’s why our new spring campaign shines the spotlight (literally and figuratively) on five inspirational women. These loyal PrimaDonna lovers got to be a model for a day.

Discover their personal stories – along with our new spring collection – and let their experiences inspire you.

PD - Shine in PrimaDonna - Sérine

“The right lingerie is key to feel comfortable” – Serine

"Just because you have a bigger bosom doesn't mean your breasts necessarily have to be a burden. I've always been surrounded by women who are proud of having fuller breasts."

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PD - Shine - Vivian - square

“PrimaDonna changed the way I see myself” - Vivian​

PrimaDonna made Vivian realize she doesn't have to hide her curves. She posed for our new spring campaign with confidence and hopes to show other women that they can feel just as sexy and feminine as her in beautiful lingerie that fits like a dream.

PD - Shine - Gabriella - crop

“Everything changed when I found the perfect fit” - Gabriella​

The moment Gabriella discovered PrimaDonna lingerie, everything changed. She had finally found lingerie that really fit her. “It fits my body perfectly, without me having to change a thing about myself.”

PD Shine Phyllis - square

“Now I think: I’m beautiful” - Phyllis​

Sexy and curvy women deserve to be seen, says Phyllis. PrimaDonna helped Phyllis see herself in a different light. It made me appreciate the beauty of my fuller breasts, which was something I used to feel self-conscious about. Now I think: I’m beautiful!”

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PD - shine - ulrike

“I feel great the second I slip into a PrimaDonna set” - Ulrike

PrimaDonna gave Ulrike more confidence. She wanted to participate in the photo shoot to give back and inspire other women. “For me, the PrimaDonna effect is feeling confident in my own skin.”