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What are the different types of bridal lingerie?

Traditional bridal lingerie may be classic, but that doesn't mean it's particularly comfortable. Classic styles like the corset and torsolette cinch you in and create an elegant hourglass shape. While perfect for creating a feminine, vintage look, these styles aren't great if you want to be comfortable on your big day. What's the difference between a corset, a torsolette, and a bustier? Keep reading to find out.

  1. Corset A corset is traditional lingerie made from rigid, non-stretch fabric designed to shape the waist and tummy. Some corsets stop at bust level, but most have cups that create a push-up effect. Vertical boning ensures a secure fit and firm support. Most corsets have hooks at the front and lacing at the back to cinch in the waist and create a slim and streamlined silhouette. Corsets are rarely worn as lingerie these days, although they are sometimes worn under classic wedding dresses as an alternative to a strapless bra or body.

  2. Torsolette A torsolette or waist cincher has the same shape as a corset, but is made from softer, more elastic fabric. This makes it more comfortable than a corset and more suitable as bridal lingerie. Like a corset, it also has boning, but unlike a corset it always has cups. Sometimes a torsolette has hooks at the bottom for attaching garters.

  3. Bustier A bustier resembles a torsolette but is shorter, stopping just above the last ribs. This style always has underwire cups and vertical boning to create a form-fitting look. Bustiers are often worn under empire dresses that are tighter on top and drape loosely around the body.

Bridal lingerie for larger cup sizes: An overview

There are different types of wedding lingerie that are specifically designed to support larger breasts and create a feminine bridal look. These are our most popular styles for bride-to-be.

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A smooth bra and seamless briefs are not only comfortable, they are also the safest style under a wedding dress. A smooth set is invisible under pretty much any dress and allows for plenty of movement. A bra with pre-formed padded cups creates a lovely, rounded shape under your dress. If you’ll be wearing a bustier dress, a strapless bandeau bra will give you excellent support. Pair with high-waisted briefs that create an elegant shaping effect for a stylish and comfortable look.

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If your dress has romantic draping or opulent embroidery, you can afford to wear lingerie with more details. Elegant lace, feminine embroidery, or delicate details: It's all possible as long as it doesn't show under your dress and offers a comfortable fit for your larger cup size.

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Shapewear isn't exactly the most comfortable lingerie to wear on your wedding day. If you're looking for a slight shaping effect without feeling constricted, an elegant body is the way to go. A body is comfortable, invisible under your dress, and creates a feminine shape and beautiful cleavage.

Other types of bridal lingerie

After you've found the perfect lingerie to lift and support your breasts, you can think about adding in a few extras. Garters and stockings add a traditional touch to your bridal look and are popular among many brides-to-be. If you’re not used to wear garters or stockings, wear them for a few days before the big day. Make sure they don’t show under your dress. Garters were originally worn to hold up stockings, but don't serve the same function these days. Instead, they're considered more of a wedding day tradition or a sexy accessory. Are you looking for the perfect bridal lingerie for your big day? Discover our gorgeous bridal sets. Or stop by your local lingerie boutique and ask for advice!