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Gear up with the perfect cycling sports bra!

Cycling is fantastic. Which do you prefer? Do you love heading out into the elements or making miles on a spinning bike? Are you and your mountain bike covered in mud after a tough ride through the woods? Or did you make that challenging cobblestone road your own? Whatever you prefer, a successful ride starts with the right sports bra. Painful, sagging breasts will make your ride absolute torture. Instead of hanging up your wheels, invest in a premium cycling bra and get ready to gear up.

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From gear 1 to 8: Available from B cup to H cup!

If you have larger breasts, it can be hard to find good sports lingerie. PrimaDonna has the solution: An excellent sports collection specially designed for larger cup sizes. Our cycling sports bras are available up to an H cup. We provide the necessary support and comfort so that you can gear up!

Take those turns in the perfect cycling bra

You'll be unstoppable on your bike! A vigorous bike ride can be hard on your breasts, especially if you have a larger cup size. That's why it's important to wear the right sports bra – one that was specifically designed to absorb shocks and bumps.

What makes a cycling sports bra so special?

  1. Wide straps for more comfort and better support

  2. Soft material for a comfy fit

  3. Light, breathable fabric that dries quickly

  4. Little to no seams for no chafing

  5. Both breasts cupped and supported separately for a beautiful silhouette under your fitted cycling outfit

Cycling is an intense sport. That’s why your breasts need extra support. Avoid unnecessary pain and opt for a high-quality PrimaDonna sports bra. And off you go!

Say hello to the perfect bra for a session on your spinning bike

Rhythmic beats set the pace. Beads of sweat run down your face. The enthusiastic trainer has you racing on your bike. A spin class can be summed up in two words: Killer workout! Your breasts can still look and feel incredible, even when you feel like your workout might kill you. Do you have fuller breasts? The PrimaDonna sports bra collection was designed with you in mind!

Do you love running? Or are you a die-hard gym rat? Every sport calls for its own unique sports outfit. Ask a lingerie stylist at your local lingerie boutique for advice.

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