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Seamless panties

Seamless panties offer ultimate comfort and a smooth finish under tight clothing.

PrimaDonna's seamless briefs are designed to eliminate seams for a smooth look under any dress. Showcasing the brand's commitment to innovative design, these briefs offer an experience where comfort meets luxury.

Seamless briefs for every outfit

Whether it's a tight-fitting dress, a smart business suit or casual wear, these seamless briefs provide the perfect foundation, creating a neat and sophisticated look. The absence of seams means no lines show, so you can wear your favourite outfits with confidence and grace.

Fit for every body type

Recognising that every woman's body is unique, PrimaDonna has designed the seamless briefs to fit a wide range of body sizes from 36 to 52. The flexible, body-hugging fabric moulds to your figure and offers the feeling of a tailored fit that is both flattering and comfortable.

Variety of colours with PrimaDonna's seamless briefs

Discover a world of colour with PrimaDonna's seamless briefs collection, where each colour is designed to complement your wardrobe and style. Each colour serves a purpose and complements different types of clothing so you can look your best for any occasion:

  • Beige and natural tones: these colours are ideal for light-coloured clothing. They are perfect for occasions such as weddings, business meetings or events where you wear lighter coloured fabrics.
  • Pink: Pink briefs add a subtle touch of femininity and are great for casual outings, brunch meetings or dates. They work well under darker coloured clothing where you want to feel stylish yet comfortable.
  • Black: A black seamless slip is a must-have for any evening wardrobe, especially under darker or opaque dresses. It is ideal for formal events, dinners or a night out. Black briefs offer elegance and are invisible under dark-coloured clothing, ensuring an elegant and chic look.

Discover PrimaDonna's range of seamless briefs

Each range has its own unique features and appeal, designed to cater for a variety of needs and preferences. Here's a closer look at the different ranges.

The collection includes a variety of styles, from high-waisted designs to traditional cuts, ensuring there's a perfect seamless brief for every preference. If you're looking for more, we invite you to explore PrimaDonna's briefs collection and find the perfect briefs to suit your personal style and spirit.