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Achieve stunning cleavage with the perfect bra for you

Does your wedding dress have a plunging neckline? Gorgeous! But how do you create equally stunning cleavage? Women with a larger cup size need lingerie that creates a beautiful silhouette while offering optimum support. This is no easy feat. Fortunately, PrimaDonna is an expert in larger cup sizes.  

Read our tips for creating stunning cleavage. Treat yourself to bridal lingerie that fits you perfectly. You deserve it! 

Say yes to stunning cleavage 

Did you find your dream dress? If so, you want your breasts to look as good as the rest of you! PrimaDonna has the perfect bra for every dress and for all shapes and sizes. Wedding dresses are known for showcasing your magnificent feminine curves. But you won't look your best in your wedding dress if you're wearing the wrong bra. High-quality bridal lingerie makes a real difference. Our lingerie stylists can help you find the perfect bridal lingerie to create a stunning silhouette. For example, a body is great for several reasons, but an open-back dress calls for a different kind of lingerie. Feel free to ask for advice at your local lingerie boutique. 

 Follow our tips for stunning cleavage! 

If you have larger breasts and unshakable confidence, your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to show off your feminine curves. Stunning cleavage can boost your confidence on your big day. With our tips, you’ll radiate even more confidence! 

  1. Good support  Invest in high-quality bridal lingerie. A good bra offers excellent support and distributes the weight of your dress evenly. 

  2. Posture  Good posture has an effect on your bosom. A supportive back panel, which is typical of all PrimaDonna bras, also has a positive influence on your posture. 

  3. Dress  Choose a dress with a defined waist and wear a corset to create an hourglass figure. 

  4. Fitness  Start doing arm and chest exercises a few weeks before your wedding. This will create a natural lifting effect for your bosom. 

  5. Necklace Wear a necklace that accentuates the elegance of your neckline. Accessories can elevate any outfit. 

  6. Adornment  Pay attention to the decorative details on the bodice and neckline of your wedding dress.  

Start your big day with confidence in premium bridal lingerie by PrimaDonna. Do you have larger breasts? Our collection includes stunning bras up to a K cup. 

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