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Tips for a stylish wedding look: From seamless bra to elegant body

It’s your big day. Everyone’s eyes are on you and your wedding dress. The last thing you want is visible lines! How do you make sure your bridal lingerie doesn't show under your dress? What do you say yes to? Briefs or a body? Do you prefer seamless or shaping lingerie? Both have their advantages. In fact, there's a perfect lingerie set for every wedding dress. We can help you find it! And if you have a larger cup size: The PrimaDonna collection has stunning bras up to a K cup.  

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Tip 1 – Hello seamless bra, goodbye visible lines!

The word says it all: Seamless bras have no seams in the cups. The result? An absolutely invisible look under even the most fitted of wedding dresses. PrimaDonna’s seamless bras provide excellent support and a comfortable fit, even for larger cup sizes.

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Tip 2 – Add the finishing touch with seamless briefs

Your stunning wedding bra calls for equally gorgeous briefs. PrimaDonna's seamless briefs:

  • fit like a dream
  • accentuate your beautiful bum
  • are supremely comfortable
  • are completely seamless

Walk down the aisle with confidence and style in seamless lingerie. All eyes will be on you!

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Tip 3 – Long live shaping lingerie!

On your big day, it’s important to consider every last detail. While all women should be proud of their curves, most still feel a bit insecure at times. Shaping lingerie can give you the confidence boost you need. Premium lingerie creates a streamlined silhouette under your wedding dress. Remember: All bodies are different. That's why it's important to wear the right shapewear. What is your body type? The fashion world makes the following distinctions:

  • apple
  • hourglass
  • straight
  • pear
  • inverted triangle

Sounds complex, right? When in doubt, enlist the help of an experienced lingerie stylist. She can help you find the perfect lingerie for you. Feel free to ask for advice at your local lingerie boutique.

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Tip 4 – The return of the elegant body

Have you considered wearing a body under your wedding dress? This glamorous and practical lingerie item is becoming increasingly popular. A body creates a sensual and streamlined look. PrimaDonna’s modern bodies:

  • fit perfectly
  • flatten your tummy
  • offer optimum support
  • streamline your curves
  • always stay put

In other words, the perfect bridal lingerie!