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From something old to something new: Which traditions are you incorporating?

"Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe."

Don't you just love this old English verse? So do we! In fact, we’ve come up with fun ways to bring something old, new, borrowed, and blue to all brides-to-be by reinventing the age-old traditions. You deserve it! 

Wedding traditions: Something old 

Something old refers to the life you're leaving behind. Many brides choose to wear vintage jewelry, like a ring that once belonged to their grandmother. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and put your own twist on an old tradition. 

Need some inspiration? Wear a vintage pin in your hair or tie an old ribbon around your bridal bouquet. You can also ask your hairdresser to weave your grandmothers beautiful pearl necklace into your hair. Why not sew a vintage handkerchief into the inside of your dress? You could also say I do in your favorite PrimaDonna briefs! The most important thing is to follow your gut. After all, it’s your big day. 

Wedding traditions: Something new 

Something new symbolizes the new life that awaits you. This one’s easy: A gorgeous new wedding dress, new shoes, new jewelry, and of course, new lingerie. Say yes to the perfect set! The lingerie under your wedding dress has a few important jobs to do. The right set gives you: 

  • the perfect silhouette 

  • a comfortable fit  

  • the finishing touch for an incredible night 

Plenty of reasons to think carefully about what you’ll wear under your dress. Choose brand-new lingerie that fits like a glove. If you don't have much experience with strapless bras or shapewear, our lingerie experts would be happy to help you and your bridesmaids find the perfect set. 

One final tip: Buy a second set for your partner's eyes only! This way you can dance the night away in your supportive bridal lingerie then slip into a fresh and feminine set for your wedding night. Enjoy! 

Wedding traditions: Something borrowed 

Something borrowed symbolizes the love and support of family and friends. How? The accessory you borrow from a happily married friend will bring you the same happiness. Sounds good to us! Feel free to use your imagination with this tradition as well. You could borrow anything, from a hairpin to lipstick to jewelry. 

Wedding traditions: Something blue 

“Two eyes of blue; so fond, so true.” These are the beautiful lyrics to a Flemish song. Blue symbolizes modesty and fidelity, two key pillars of a successful marriage. If you don’t feel like wearing blue shoes or blue earrings, we have a great tip: Hide your something blue in a place intended for your partner's eyes only. You could wear a blue garter – a definite must if you love traditions. Simply slip this popular lingerie accessory onto your right leg, just above the knee. You could also surprise your partner with a lingerie set that has blue details. If you have larger breasts, shop for gorgeous bridal lingerie at PrimaDonna, which offers sizes up to a K cup. 

… and a silver sixpence in your shoe 

A silver sixpence is the finishing touch to your bridal outfit. As per tradition, the father of the bride secretly hides a silver sixpence in her shoe. This represents wealth and financial security. Yes please! Who cares about comfort anyway? These days, you can also buy pins with a small silver coin on them, which you can fasten to the inside of your wedding dress. Some brides prefer to buy a real silver sixpence from a coin dealer instead. It's your big day, so you decide!