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Is white lingerie a must under your wedding dress?

Wearing a white wedding dress is an age-old tradition. White symbolizes the purity of the bride and only later came to represent virginity. Much has changed since this tradition was born. Nevertheless, most women still prefer to wear a pristine white wedding dress.  And a white dress calls for white lingerie, right? Not necessarily. A colorful set can fit beautifully under your dress. Want to learn more? Discover PrimaDonna’s modern bridal lingerie, specially developed for women with a larger cup size. Because let's be honest: A lot has changed over the years! 

Say yes to the perfect wedding lingerie 

Rule number one: There are no rules! Wear lingerie that makes you feel good. Don’t be afraid to go all out on your big day. We have a wide selection of stunning bustiers, corsets, garters and garter belts, bras, stay-up stockings, and more. Did you say yes? Then now is the time to start dreaming about your perfect wedding lingerie. 

White, whiter, whitest 

Choosing the right color has never been harder. Most brides are immediately drawn to white lingerie. This is understandable, given that white tends to go beautifully with wedding dresses, from snow white to classic ivory. Soft neutrals like beige and light pink are also popular. Lingerie in these colors often feature dark-colored lace details for a sultry look. That may be where you should draw the line. After all, a bright red bra strap under a white wedding dress is far from elegant. Choose light or cream-colored hues instead. 

Our white lingerie

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Lady in red 

If you chose a modern wedding dress in a bright color, feel free to go bold with your bridal lingerie as well. The PrimaDonna collection has something for everyone, especially women with a larger cup size. Surprise your partner with stunning bridal lingerie and add a magical touch to your wedding night. Enjoy! 

Our red lingerie

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Shopping for white lingerie? Bring your friends! 

Ready to shop for your bridal lingerie? Make it a party! Invite your sister, mother, or bridesmaids along. It can be an inspirational day for them too. Be sure to tell the lingerie stylist that you're getting married. Spoil yourself!