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Asymmetrical breasts? Here’s how to find the perfect bra!

Did you know that most women have asymmetrical breasts?

So don't let an unrealistic ideal of beauty make you feel insecure. Invest in beautiful lingerie that makes you feel confident in the skin you're in. Think of lingerie as an ode to your curves! It flatters your figure, supports your fuller breasts, and boosts your confidence.

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If you have asymmetrical breasts, base your cup size on your largest breast

Perfectly symmetrical breasts don't exist. But how do you choose the right size? The general rule is to base your cup size on your largest breast. Women with fuller breasts tend to wear bras that are too small, which can have unpleasant consequences, such as cups that dig in and cause the dreaded quadriboob. A bra that's too small can dig in and feel uncomfortable. No bra should fit this way! Good lingerie should fit comfortably, provide the perfect amount of support, and make your clothes look even better.

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What bra should you wear if you have asymmetrical breasts?

If you have breast asymmetry, wear any bra that makes you feel beautiful and confident. If you want to minimize the asymmetry, we recommend choosing a bra with pre-formed padded cups. Padded cups create a lovely, rounded shape even if one cup is less full than the other. We recommend two of our PrimaDonna icons: The Happiness balcony bra with padded cups by PrimaDonna Twist and the heart-shaped Madison bra with padded cups.

PrimaDonna's fitting room tips and tricks

If you have larger breasts, a bra that fits perfectly can make a world of difference. Each PrimaDonna style is available in up to 69 sizes. Each bra consists of at least 45 different parts, which only differ by a few millimeters per size. This is why it feels like our bras were custom-made just for you. Support, comfort, and style? Check! Say goodbye to saggy breasts, digging straps, and other bra woes. The perfect bra in the right size can improve your posture and make you feel feminine and confident.

If you have asymmetrical breasts and you're not sure which cup size to choose, use our handy checklist and base your size on your larger breast:

  1. Do the upper cups lie flat against the skin? Do your breasts fill the cups completely with no gaping or spillage?
  2. Do the cups fit comfortably under the breasts and at the sides? Push on the underwire to check. The underwire shouldn’t poke or pinch your breasts or under your arms.
  3. Does the center gore lie flat against your chest? If not, you may be wearing the wrong cup or band size.
  4. Does the band lie flat against your back? If it rides up, your breasts aren’t getting the support they need and you may need to go down a band size.
  5. Do the straps fit snugly and comfortably? If they dig in, they're doing the majority of the lifting and support work, which isn't their job. This could mean your band is too loose and that you need to size down.

Having trouble finding the right fit? Do you have asymmetrical breasts and are you struggling to find a bra that’s both comfortable and stylish?

The lingerie stylists would be happy to measure you and give you professional advice about the best bra for your body.
Stop by your local lingerie boutique