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  3. Tired of your straps slipping off? Keep reading for our tips!

Tired of your straps slipping off? Keep reading for our tips!

In a perfect world, your bra straps would always stay put without pinching or digging in. Lingerie stylists have a special trick to check for strap fit: If you can slide two fingers between your shoulder and your bra strap, you have the perfect fit. If you can fit your entire hand under your straps or if your straps constantly slip off, they're too loose. While certainly frustrating, it can also cause sagging breasts and back problems in the long term, particularly for women with larger breasts.

The solution for slipping straps

Slipping straps is a common bra struggle. But why do straps slip off? There can be several reasons.

  1. The most common reason is that your bra straps aren't tight enough.This problem is the easiest to fix. A good bra should have adjustable straps that can be shortened or lengthened. Tip: Check the length of your straps each time you put on your bra. Wearing and washing your bra can cause the straps to loosen or stretch out over time. Tighten them as needed to make sure they stay put all day.

  2. Can’t tighten your straps anymore on a bra you've had for more than a year? Poor-quality bras that are worn often tend to stretch out in the straps. The solution is to buy a new bra with sturdy straps that provide the right support for your larger cup size.

  3. Do your straps slip off or do the cups gape? If so, you’re probably wearing the wrong size. Start by checking the band size. Fasten your bra on the middle hook and make sure the band sits parallel to the floor. If you can fit three fingers between the band and your back, you've found the perfect fit. If you're wearing the right band size and you still have gaping cups and loose straps, try going down a cup size.

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Bra styles with tight straps

Finding a high-quality bra and the right bra size are the easiest ways to solve your loose-strap problem. If you’re still struggling with loose straps, a different style may be the solution. A comfort bra or a classic underwire bra with three-piece cups tend to have straps that are slightly more centered, which makes them less likely to slip off. If you choose a sports bra with racerback straps, the straps will definitely stay put!

The straps on PrimaDonna bras always fit beautifully. The unique U-shaped band was specially developed to provide extra support, to create a flattering shape, and to prevent the straps from slipping. The straps are also adjustable and made from a comfortable and soft stretch fabric that ensure they stay put and offer the best support for larger cup sizes.