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The perfect lingerie set for your dress

Did you set your date? Then you probably also picked your bridesmaids. This is one of the first steps to a successful wedding. They cry happy tears when you say yes to your dress, they surprise you with a fabulous bachelorette party, and they’re always there for mental support. Can you picture it? Your best friends, sisters, and cousins in stunning dresses and under that... equally stunning lingerie! In addition to matching dresses, matching lingerie sets are totally on-trend.They also suit the dresses perfectly. Add some fun to your wedding prep and shop for lingerie with your bridesmaids! 

Bridesmaids outfits: Matching dresses 

Your bridesmaids are there to scatter romantic flower petals for you and help you get in and out of your dress when you have to use the bathroom on your big day. These are big responsibilities, all carried out with love and in stunning (and matching!) bridesmaids dresses. Matching dresses create unity. How do you plan to coordinate their outfits? Do you have a specific theme or common accessory? Will they all be wearing soft pastels? The internet has plenty of inspiring examples. 

Bridesmaids outfits: Matching lingerie 

These days, many women want to match from head to toe. This includes matching lingerie. Each type of dress calls for its own specific lingerie. Wearing lingerie that suits your dress perfectly will give you the support and comfort you need on the big day. Below are some lingerie tips for bridesmaids: 

  1. All eyes will be on your bridesmaids when they walk down the aisle, so it's important to avoid visible lines at all costs. If you plan to wear a fitted dress, opt for a thong, hot pants or seamless briefs. 

  2. We know, shapewear isn’t the most comfortable lingerie to wear on a long day. But if you’ll be wearing a fitted dress, a strapless body or corset is the best way to create a stunning silhouette. 

  3. Don’t be afraid to show off some cleavage. If you have larger breasts, the PrimaDonna collection includes a strapless bra up to a G cup. Go ahead and show off those stunning shoulders! 

  4. Consider wearing matching stockings and a garter. This is one sexy tradition worth keeping alive! Here comes the bride... and her bridesmaids! 

Were you asked to be a bridesmaid? Discover the perfect lingerie for under your dress.