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Non-padded bras

Without padding, for a lighter and airier feel.

Go for a lighter feel with PrimaDonna non-padded bras

Want to emphasize the natural shape of your breasts while still enjoying comfort and support? Then discover PrimaDonna's non-padded bras. These elegant and timeless bras are designed to embrace your natural curves while offering a luxurious look.

What are non-padded bras?

Non-padded bras, also known as soft-cup bras, are bras with no padding. They are made of soft and flexible materials that follow the natural shape of the bosom, creating a subtle and elegant look.

Advantages of PrimaDonna non-padded bras

Thanks to the lack of padded cups, our non-padded bras offer excellent ventilation, allowing your skin to breathe and making you feel fresh and comfortable, even in hot weather. Non-padded bras still offer adequate support thanks to their sturdy construction and proper fit, allowing you to enjoy natural posture all day long.