PrimaDonna Slips

Are you in search of luxurious lingerie to complete your intimate wardrobe? Maybe you already have a few enticing bras but are still looking for the perfect slip to complement your collection. Discover the extensive PrimaDonna collection, designed to make you feel stylish, confident, and comfortable all day long!

Our fantastic selection of slips is designed to match any mood or occasion. From tranquil, relaxed days to sensual, energetic evenings, PrimaDonna has the perfect style for you. Our collection is complete and versatile, ranging from classic white and red pieces to seductive lace or solid styles, and from Brazilian slips to strings or boxers—there's something for everyone!

What Types of Slips Are Available at PrimaDonna?

At PrimaDonna, the possibilities are endless with our exclusive selection of slips. Whatever your style or preference may be, we have the perfect pair for you. Let us introduce you to some of our special lines: For the Bride: Our PrimaDonna bridal collection is designed to complement your look for the special day. These slips are crafted with a combination of luxurious lace, elegant colors, and delicate details, all with the aim of making you feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable. They are a perfect addition to your bridal trousseau, ensuring you look and feel stunning from the inside out.

Icon Slips: Our Icon collection consists of slips that blend classic and contemporary styles. Icon slips embody PrimaDonna's dedication to luxurious comfort and quality design. They are characterized by intricate designs and high-quality fabrics that exude timeless elegance.

Smooth: PrimaDonna's Smooth collection takes comfort to a new level with its soft and seamless design. This collection focuses on providing an incredibly comfortable experience while ensuring a smooth silhouette. Ideal for wearing under tight, form-fitting clothing, Smooth slips disappear under your garments for a sleek, invisible look.

Opaque: Our opaque collection offers slips that guarantee both comfort and privacy by ensuring complete opacity. These slips represent PrimaDonna's commitment to quality and style, providing a sense of security and refined elegance with their full coverage and excellent material selection.

What Color Should You Choose?

Adding color to your lingerie collection can be a fun venture, and at PrimaDonna, panties are available in a rainbow of colors, including beige, black, blue, green, pink, natural, and more.

Beige: A subtly refined color, beige panties are ideal for those looking for a neutral shade that effortlessly pairs with various clothing colors. A classic choice beneath white or light-colored dresses. Black: Black panties are timeless and versatile, fitting perfectly under dark or vibrant outfits. Perfect for eveningwear or adding a touch of elegance to any collection. Blue: Our blue panties are a lovely choice for wearing under cool-colored clothing. They can add a special element of surprise to an outfit, especially when paired with a matching blue dress. Natural: Just as versatile as beige, natural is also a great option under light-colored clothing.

How to Wash a PrimaDonna Slip:

We recommend washing your PrimaDonna slip at a temperature between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. It's best to wash them with similar colors, although black and red items should be washed separately. For slips with intricate designs, consider using a laundry bag to protect delicate details.