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6 bra styles every woman should have in her lingerie drawer

Offering perfect support for your bosom, improving your posture, and accentuating your curves – the perfect bra brings nothing but perks! With these 6 bra styles in your lingerie drawer, you are assured of having the right bra for every outfit.  

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1. The T-shirt bra: a smooth look for everyday wear

A comfortable T-shirt bra that offers unprecedented support is a must-have for everyday wear. Its seamless design and smooth cups make the T-shirt bra a perfect match with fitted tops and dresses. These bras are completely invisible – no ugly lines to be seen anywhere! T-shirt bras are often padded for added comfort and support. PrimaDonna offers them in a wide range of colors, of which the neutrals and even the reds are invisible under white tops or dresses. Of course, they are also available with cute details such as glitter or lace on the straps. The perfect style for a smooth yet fashionable look!

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2. The lace bralette

A work-related event, a night on the town, or a festive occasion: A lace bralette is a great match with lots of outfits. From a blouse with a seductive neckline to a stylish evening gown, this look will make you outshine even the brightest star. PrimaDonna bralettes are designed to offer perfect support to larger cup sizes as well. Just look at the PrimaDonna Montara and First Night lace bralettes: Comfort and sensuality really can go together!

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3. The strapless and multi-way bra: Indispensable in every season

It goes without saying that an off-the-shoulder top or a festive bustier dress needs a strapless bra to go with it. And what could be more convenient than a bra with removable straps that can be worn in myriad ways: Straight, crossed, or halter-style? The perfect solution for a racerback top of a halter dress! Thanks to the strapless bras offered by PrimaDonna, you can be assured of unprecedented support all day long – or all night, if the occasion calls for it! Around 80% of the support offered by a bra comes from the back band, which is ultra-sturdy in these bras. So, kick back and let it all out on the dance floor!

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4. A good (and trendy!) sports bra

A good sports bra lets you enjoy your workout even more. If you have a bigger cup size, a proper sports bra is an absolute must to prevent pain and discomfort. It’s more than worth the investment, particularly if you choose a style that completely encapsulates your breasts, like the sports bras offered by PrimaDonna. They also look so fashionable that they can easily be worn as a stylish sports top in warm weather or when you’re pushing yourself to the limit.

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5. The bodysuit: For a seamless all-in-one look

Strictly speaking, a bodysuit isn’t a bra, but the ones designed by PrimaDonna offer just as much support as a full cup or padded bra. The cups are integrated into the bodysuit, offering even more support thanks to the fabric around your body. In a PrimaDonna bodysuit, you can be assured of no visible lines at the back, around your bottom, or at the waist – and they’re so pretty you can even wear them as a top. Stylish under a blazer, cool under a bomber jacket!

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6. A sensual style … just for you

Obviously, you wear a bra for comfort – but there are times when you want it to add that little extra spark to your day. Power dressing starts with fabulous lingerie, right? Provocative lingerie also gives you tons of confidence. Even if it’s undiscernible underneath your outfit, everyone will still notice your invisible force! PrimaDonna’s seductive bras are also fabulously comfortable and give women with bigger cup sizes lots of options in styles and looks. Edgy and transparent, mysterious with lots of lace, or a sleek designer look: PrimaDonna gives you fashion as well as comfort.