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Six washing questions: How to wash your lingerie

When you think about lingerie, soft, delicate fabrics such as satin and lace come to mind. These fabrics need care and attention. How do you wash delicate briefs? And how do you make sure your bra keeps its shape and lasts as long as possible? PrimaDonna answers the six most frequently asked questions

Question 1: Should I wash my lingerie in the washing machine or by hand? 

The best way to wash a bra is by hand. Hand-washing has several advantages. It will help your bra: 

  • keep its elasticity   

  • last longer 

  • keep its shape 

Read our handy step-by-step plan for the perfect hand-wash. We know you don’t always have time to wash your bras carefully by hand. If you opt for plan B – the washing machine – ready through our step-by-step plan first.   

Question 2: What temperature should I wash lingerie?

Always follow the washing instructions on the label. But no matter what that label says, never wash lingerie higher than 30° C. Why? Hot water weakens the lingerie fibers. 

Question 3: Can I put my lingerie in the dryer? 

No! The dryer is an absolute no-go. Lingerie should always be air-dried, either flat or on a drying rack. Hang your bra from the center gore so it dries evenly. If you plan on wearing your bra on a hot date later this evening, don’t worry! You can use your hair dryer to speed up the process. Just make sure to use cold air only. Hot air will ruin the elasticity of your bra.  Lingerie should never be ironed.  

Question 4: Should I wash lingerie separately or with similar colors?

Never wash nude bras with whites; they should be washed with colors. Also be sure to choose a detergent without bleach.   

Question 5: How often should I wash my bras? 

You don't have to wash your bras each time you wear them. Ideally, they should be washed every two to three wears. If you had a particularly sweaty day, you can rinse your bra with lukewarm water.   

Question 6 – Can I wash lingerie and towels together?

Preferably not. If you plan to wash your lingerie in the washing machine, follow these three key rules

  • Wash your lingerie separately. 

  • Choose a short program with a low temperature. 

  • Avoid the spin cycle. 

If you plan to wash your lingerie with other clothes, try to wash with garments that are roughly the same weight (e.g. T-shirts, socks, or pyjamas). This helps prevent damage.