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Our lingerie makes you radiate confidence. Models for a day and PrimaDonna lovers for life Simone, Lore, and Marieke are living proof of this.

PD Shine Simone - Maldives - landscape | PrimaDonna

"PrimaDonna makes me feel sexy and confident"

Simone - Model for one day, PrimaDonna fan for life.

PD Shine HS - Maldives- Lore - landscape | PrimaDonna

"We (as women) should empower one another more. Every body is beautiful."

Lore - Model for a day, PrimaDonna lover for life.

PD shien Marieke - Arthill - landscape | PrimaDonna

"When you come into balance with your femininity, then you know that all is well."

Marieke - Model for one day, PrimaDonna fan for life.


We love to see you shine in our lingerie. Spread the self-love on Instagram with #ShineInPrimaDonna

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