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Shaping dresses, slips, shaping tops, and bodysuits. Made from seamless and comfortable materials for invisible support.

The idea that shapewear is less attractive than traditional lingerie is quickly disproved by our collection at PrimaDonna. Our specially designed shapewear not only emphasises the natural beauty of female curves, but also gives you more confidence to show off that tight-fitting dress. Wondering which shapewear is ideal for certain dresses? Or maybe you're wondering what kind of lingerie goes with your favourite ensemble? Find out more below!

PrimaDonna shapewear collection

At PrimaDonna, we offer a diverse selection of shapewear, including corrective dresses, briefs, shaping tops and bodysuits. Made of smooth, comfortable and seamless material, they remain invisible under any clothing. Our collection offers a variety of colours: Beige, black, blue, brown, green,grey,natural, pink and red.

If you are looking for shapewear that flatters your figure, our corrective shapewear page is definitely worth a visit. Emphasise the natural shape of your body with our strategically designed underwear.

PrimaDonna shapewear: self-confidence inside and out

As a leading shapewear specialist, PrimaDonna puts women and their diversity first. Our range of shapewear includes a variety of styles tailored to each woman's unique needs - whether she is confident and bold, elegant, sensual or focused on comfort and a casual look. PrimaDonna believes shapewear can be a transformative experience - highlighting your natural beauty while exuding elegant charm.

Quality, comfort and aesthetics are our top priorities and our extensive shapewear range shows that value for money does not mean compromising on quality. Treat yourself to the luxury of our gorgeous shapewear collection and let our team advise you with first-class service. Because at PrimaDonna, high quality and affordability form a harmonious whole.

Shapewear for all sizes

At PrimaDonna, we believe in the beauty of all body shapes, which is why we offer shapewear suitable for a wide range of sizes: from petite to plus size. So we make sure every woman finds her perfect fit.

Shapewear bras: We understand women's diverse bra needs. That's why our shapewear bras come in different sizes, from smaller cup sizes to larger breasts, from sizeB to F, all designed for the perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

Shapewear slips: PrimaDonna shapewear slips are suitable for everyone, regardless of your size. Whether you prefer a fuller coverage that tightens the tummy and defines the waist, or a smaller model that sits well under tight dresses and skirts, you'll be right with us.

At PrimaDonna, we strive for women to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin.

Shapewear range by PrimaDonna

At PrimaDonna, we have designed a wonderful selection of shapewear, each with its own style and optimal function. The 'East End' line offers contemporary design. From pre-shaped briefs to full-body cover-ups, this range shapes your figure and creates a slim, elegant silhouette under any outfit.

The'East End' line is our solution for smooth, natural contours. The smooth, seamless options, such as the shaping briefs or high-waisted shorts, conjure up an hourglass silhouette in an instant.

The 'Orlando' line features classic shapewear designs that focus on strong lines and control, perfect for the modern woman who wants to achieve a lot.

The 'Osino'line is all about stylish luxury. With attention to detail, including sophisticated lace, this line offers sophistication and body positivity.

By offering a variety of options, such as these collections and more, PrimaDonna ensures that every woman can find her individual style.