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Bridal lingerie for larger cup sizes

Now that you’ve said yes to the dress, it’s time to say yes to the perfect bridal lingerie for your big day. Starting your search early is important. As an expert in bridal lingerie for larger cup sizes, PrimaDonna is the perfect place to start! We look forward to helping you find the set that makes you shine on your special day and on all the days that follow!

Achieve stunning cleavage with the perfect bra for you

Does your wedding dress have a plunging neckline? Gorgeous! But how do you create equally stunning cleavage? Women with a larger cup size need lingerie that creates a beautiful silhouette while offering optimum support. This is no easy feat. Fortunately, PrimaDonna is an expert in larger cup sizes.  

The perfect lingerie set for your dress

Did you set your date? Then you probably also picked your bridesmaids. This is one of the first steps to a successful wedding. They cry happy tears when you say yes to your dress, they surprise you with a fabulous bachelorette party, and they’re always there for mental support. Can you picture it? Your best friends, sisters, and cousins in stunning dresses and under that... equally stunning lingerie! In addition to matching dresses, matching lingerie sets are totally on-trend.

From something old to something new: Which traditions are you incorporating?

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver sixpence in your shoe. Don't you just love this old English verse? So do we! In fact, we’ve come up with fun ways to bring something old, new, borrowed, and blue to all brides-to-be by reinventing the age-old traditions. You deserve it! 

What are the different types of bridal lingerie?

From corsets to body stockings to bustiers: Like brides, bridal lingerie comes in all shapes and sizes. This can make it difficult to find the perfect lingerie for your big day. With so many options to choose from, it may be hard to see the forest for the trees. What lingerie should you wear on your big day? And what's the difference between a torsolette, a corset, and a body? Find out in our overview below.

Shopping for wedding lingerie? Our top tips!

Your wedding lingerie is just as important as your wedding dress. But how do you choose the right set? When should you buy bridal lingerie? And what exactly is lingerie styling for brides-to-be? Below are PrimaDonna's top tips for women with a larger cup size.

The perfect lingerie for wedding dresses with a low-cut back

From the moment you saw yourself in the mirror, you knew this stunning dress with the low back was the gown of your dreams. But then you start to worry: Going braless on your wedding day is unthinkable for someone with larger breasts. Does this mean the only solution is to find a different dress? PrimaDonna knows exactly which lingerie to wear under a backless wedding dress.

Gorgeous and comfortable bridal lingerie: a must for larger cup sizes

Comfortable and stylish bridal lingerie? Yes please! A comfortable fit with the right support is even more important for larger cup sizes. Below we share the ultimate tips from our lingerie stylists to find lingerie that combines style and comfort.

Why seamless lingerie is the safest option

If you’re looking for bridal lingerie, our seamless sets are perfect. Like wedding dresses, when it comes to bridal lingerie, the options are endless. But if you have larger breasts and you want to play it safe, seamless lingerie is your best friend. Don’t worry, a smooth lingerie set doesn’t have to be boring. At PrimaDonna we prefer to refer to our sets as seamless bridal lingerie, instead of seamless underwear. An overview of our loveliest sets and their advantages!

Is white lingerie a must under your wedding dress?

Wearing a white wedding dress is an age-old tradition. White symbolizes the purity of the bride and only later came to represent virginity. Much has changed since this tradition was born. Nevertheless, most women still prefer to wear a pristine white wedding dress.  And a white dress calls for white lingerie, right? Not necessarily. A colorful set can fit beautifully under your dress. Want to learn more? Discover PrimaDonna’s modern bridal lingerie, specially developed for women with a larger cup size. Because let's be honest: A lot has changed over the years! 

A smart bride wears the right lingerie under her wedding dress.

On your big day, everything needs to be perfect. You've thought about every detail and left nothing to chance. Right? The right lingerie can play a crucial role under your dress by creating the perfect silhouette. The PrimaDonna collection has exactly what you need under your perfect dress, even if you have a larger cup size. We can help you find your perfect match! 

Tips for a stylish wedding look: From seamless bra to elegant body

It’s your big day. Everyone’s eyes are on you and your wedding dress. The last thing you want is visible lines! How do you make sure your bridal lingerie doesn't show under your dress? What do you say yes to? Briefs or a body? Do you prefer seamless or shaping lingerie? Both have their advantages. In fact, there's a perfect lingerie set for every wedding dress. We can help you find it!

I do! Wedding checklist

Looking for a wedding checklist? First of all, congratulations! From now on you can look forward to planning your big day. PrimaDonna would love to help and has created the ultimate wedding to-do list and a handy checklist. You can check things off as you go and look forward to your big day with no worries! 

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