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All about sports bras

A sports bra is an absolute must when working out. It provides the necessary support and prevents damage to muscles and ligaments. Our experts explain the importance of wearing a sports bra.

Whether you’re a hardcore fitness fanatic or a lifelong jogger, it’s important to give your breasts the support they deserve during a workout. Not a gym rat? No worries! We can recommend the right bra for beginners as well. How do I choose a good sports bra? Do I need different sports bras for different sports? We want to help you meet your fitness goals by giving you the best possible sports advice.

From the gym to the trails: Which sports bra should you choose?

When you move, your breasts move with you. Breast bounce isn’t exactly comfortable or flattering during a workout. Exercising without a sports bra is not an option, especially if you have a larger cup size. Love to hit the gym? Addicted to that runner’s high? Love to cycle? Your preferred sport determines the type of bounce your breasts endure. It also determines the type of sports bra you need. Which sports bra suits you best?

Start to run: Checklist for a great running bra

You deserve some serious positivity after a year of lockdowns and restrictions. Get out there and move! After all, exercise is the best medicine. Running is good for your health, both physical and mental. There’s only one condition: You have to wear a high-quality sports bra. This can help prevent breast pain and discomfort and motivate you to keep going! Ready to run? Let’s start by finding your perfect running bra. On your marks, get set, go!

How do I choose a good sports bra?

Not all sports bras are created equal. Do you have larger breasts? Then you probably know how important it is to wear a comfortable bra that provides support. If you have plans to work out soon, the first step is to buy a good sports bra that fits like a dream. Oops! High-quality sports lingerie for larger cup sizes can be hard to find. At PrimaDonna, we want to help women with a larger cup size feel confident by creating beautiful and comfortable lingerie that provides the right support at all times. This includes while working out.

Did you know? These materials are in a sports bra!

A good sports bra is comfortable, supportive, fits like a dream, and is super stylish. Which materials tick all of these boxes? The ones used in PrimaDonna’s sports bras, of course! Our sports bras are made from ultra-performance materials with stunning colors and were specially designed for larger cup sizes. Curious about our unique and patented construction?

Must-haves for the perfect sports lingerie and sportswear

The cold, wet winter days are upon us – the perfect time to give your immune system a boost. How? By starting your Sunday with a brisk bike ride or a or a swim instead of binge-watching the latest Netflix show. Go for it! Your strongest asset? The perfect sportswear!

Gear up with the perfect cycling sports bra!

Cycling is fantastic. Which do you prefer? Do you love heading out into the elements or making miles on a spinning bike? Are you and your mountain bike covered in mud after a tough ride through the woods? Or did you make that challenging cobblestone road your own? Whatever you prefer, a successful ride starts with the right sports bra. Painful, sagging breasts will make your ride absolute torture. Instead of hanging up your wheels, invest in a premium cycling bra and get ready to gear up.

Why wear a sports bra? A healthy body starts with healthy breasts!

Why is a sports bra so important? It won't make you run or bike any faster. Or will it? Give it a go and you’ll immediately notice the incredible comfort, support, and sturdiness of a good sports bra developed specifically for larger cup sizes! Giving your breasts the support they need is extremely important, especially if you have a larger cup size.

Uh, oh! It’s workout time! What bra should I wear?

Are you a gym rat? Yes! From running to cycling to strength training, it's all possible in a gym. These days, you can even work out in front of your TV or in your backyard. Do you love a good tutorial, app, or podcast? Great! Exercising is healthy, assuming you're wearing the right clothes: A sports bra, sports briefs, and workout leggings. When you move, your breasts move with you: Up and down, front and back, and left and right. A good sports bra is a must-have.

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