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We offer the best advice for women with a larger cup size, providing guidance on finding the right fit and style to ensure comfort and support. Discover the advantages of different bra and brief styles, helping you to find the perfect lingerie to suit your needs and lifestyle. We also provide advice on which lingerie to wear under different outfits, so you can feel confident and comfortable no matter what you're wearing. We stay up-to-date with the latest lingerie trends, so you can be sure you're always in the know!

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Step-by-step plan: How to wash your bras

Bras, we wear them every day (with the possible exception of Sunday). Yet many women wonder: What’s the best way to wash lingerie? This is a very good question, dear readers. PrimaDonna bras are made from high-quality and sustainable materials that require the right care and attention. Hand-washing is always the best option, but it’s not always possible. That’s why we've created a step-by-step guide for safely machine-washing your lingerie! 

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What kinds of briefs are there and which style best suits your body?

Thong, high-waisted briefs, or Rio briefs: What are the different brief styles? And what’s the difference? Some briefs offer more coverage, some sit higher at the waist, and some have a shaping effect. Different briefs have different styling effects and offer different levels of comfort. Keep reading for an overview of the most common styles.

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Six washing questions: How to wash your lingerie

When you think about lingerie, soft, delicate fabrics such as satin and lace come to mind. These fabrics need care and attention. How do you wash delicate briefs? And how do you make sure your bra keeps its shape and lasts as long as possible? PrimaDonna answers the six most frequently asked questions. 

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Eight types of bras: Which style suits you best?

Balcony, bralette and full coverage: what are the different bra styles? And what do they do for your breasts? Bras come in all shapes and sizes. Their main job is to support your breasts, but different styles can have different effects on your look. Keep reading to get an overview of the different bra styles.

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Seven advantages of wearing a body

A body is ultra-feminine lingerie. It also provides excellent support for larger cup sizes. Unlike a corset, a torsolette, or a bustier, a body streamlines the entire body and is supremely comfortable. Keep reading to find out all the advantages of wearing a body.

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Looking for a bra with excellent support for larger cup sizes? We combine comfort and style!

A supportive bra can make a world of difference for women with a larger cup size. If you have a larger cup size, you know what we mean: A high-support bra can make your life so much better and more comfortable. At PrimaDonna, this has been our specialty for more than 150 years. Are you looking for a supportive bra that is comfortable and stylish? We explain how our fit offers the best support for larger breasts with a stylish look!

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6 bra styles every woman should have in her lingerie drawer

Offering perfect support for your bosom, improving your posture, and accentuating your curves – the perfect bra brings nothing but perks! With these 6 bra styles in your lingerie drawer, you are assured of having the right bra for every outfit. 

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Why seamless lingerie is the safest option

If you’re looking for bridal lingerie, our seamless sets are perfect. Like wedding dresses, when it comes to bridal lingerie, the options are endless. But if you have larger breasts and you want to play it safe, seamless lingerie is your best friend. Don’t worry, a smooth lingerie set doesn’t have to be boring. At PrimaDonna we prefer to refer to our sets as seamless bridal lingerie, instead of seamless underwear. An overview of our loveliest sets and their advantages!

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What's the best bra to wear under an evening gown?

Finding the perfect dress is the first step; the next step is to find the perfect bra. Many evening gowns have thin, delicate straps, a halter neck style, or are strapless. Since going braless isn't an option for women with larger breasts, finding a bra that is comfortable, supportive, and fits beautifully under an elegant evening gown can be a challenge. 

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What bra should you wear under a strapless dress?

What’s the perfect bra to wear under a strapless dress if you have larger breasts? A stylish bandeau dress that shows off your beautiful shoulders is super-feminine. But what lingerie do you wear under an elegant sleeveless dress? And does it give you the support women with a larger cup size need? Keep the following tips in mind when buying lingerie for under a bandeau dress.