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Seven advantages of wearing a body

The body is a lingerie classic for good reason. It has lots of advantages.

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1. An elegant silhouette

A body streamlines the entire torso and creates an elegant look with fluid lines. No briefs digging into your waist or bra showing under your clothes. The body is the perfect lingerie item to wear under a fitted wedding dress or evening gown. If you really want to play it safe and create an invisible lingerie look, a smooth and seamless body is the way to go.

2. Comfortable and secure

A body can also be worn under pants, as the fabric prevents your pants from chafing at the waist or digging into your body. The sense of being fully enveloped creates a comfortable and secure feeling.

3. Better posture

The fabric not only streamlines your tummy and waist, it also supports your abdominal muscles. As a result, you automatically stand straighter, radiate more confidence, and are less likely to have back pain.

4. Easy to wear

If you find bras finicky and tricky to close, you’ll love the ease of a body that you can just slip over your head. You can also step into it like a swimsuit. Need a bathroom break? No worries! All of our bodies have snaps at the bottom.

5. Lots of styles to choose from

A body is a versatile item that goes with everything. Some styles are super-smooth and streamline your silhouette, while others are ultra-feminine with lots of lace, sheer panels, or a plunging neckline. A body offers feminine coverage with a sensual look.

6. Wear as lingerie or clothing

Wearing a body as a top under a stylish blazer is a popular trend. Unlike a top or a blouse, a body stays put and doesn’t creep up. With a hint of lace at the neckline, you can create a super-stylish look!

7. The ultimate confidence boost

A comfy fit, a feminine silhouette under all your outfits, better posture, and irresistible cleavage: A body does it all. It can also give you an instant confidence boost. Try it with your favorite look and you’ll know what we mean!

What does a body do for larger cup sizes?

All PrimaDonna bodies have integrated cups to provide larger breasts with the best possible support. They create a streamlined look and always stay put, unlike an ill-fitting bra, for example. PrimaDonna has three distinct styles: A higher-cut body with beautiful embroidery on the upper cups, a lower-cut body, and a body with a plunging neckline for ultra-feminine cleavage.

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A body as bridal lingerie

All of these advantages make a body the perfect option for bridal lingerie. It has very few seams, it has a comfortable fit, and it gives you all-day support. With a wide variety of styles, you're sure to find the perfect PrimaDonna body to wear under your wedding dress.

If you’re not sure which style or size to choose, book a personal lingerie styling session at your local boutique. You’re sure to leave with the body of your dreams!