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What's the best bra to wear under an evening gown?

If you have fuller breasts, it’s important to wear a bra with the right support, especially if you plan on dancing the night away. Dancing can be just as intense as a good workout, and all that jumping and moving about can be uncomfortable or downright painful in the wrong bra. A good bra automatically improves your posture, creates a feminine silhouette under your dress, and gives you an instant confidence boost.

Which bra should I wear under my dress?

Evening gowns come in all styles, from sexy bodycon dresses to elegant strapless dresses and mermaid gowns. Finding the right bra starts with defining your dress style.

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Strapless dresses and halter dresses

Many evening gowns are strapless or have thin straps or a halter neck style. What bra should you wear under a strapless dress? A bandeau bra with removable straps and excellent support for larger breasts is the best option. This style is also perfect for dresses with thin straps (you never want your straps to show). Whatever you do, steer clear of adhesive bras, as these provide no support for fuller breasts. PrimaDonna’s strapless bras are smooth, stylish, and offer impeccable support up to a G cup – the perfect alternative to adhesive bras.

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Low-cut dresses

If your dress has a plunging neckline, choose a bra that will give you stunning cleavage. The perfect bra for a low-cut dress is one with deep-plunge cups with the perfect fit and lift.

Our tips:

  • The PrimaDonna Twist I Do deep-plunge longline bra: A feminine style with lots of lace and firm support for larger cup sizes
  • The PrimaDonna Madison deep-plunge longline bra: The sturdy checked fabric guarantees an excellent fit for fuller breasts. The stretch lace on the upper cups creates stunning cleavage and the longline fit creates a gorgeous silhouette
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Backless dresses

The moment you laid eyes on that gorgeous backless dress, you knew it was meant to be! But what bra should you wear under a dress with an open back? The keyword here is feminine, so choose a bra with lots of lace on the back.

Our tip: The strapless PrimaDonna Twist I Do balcony bra with smooth cups and lace on the back.

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Bodycon and fitted dresses

A bra with lots of lace and embroidery is super-feminine but not the best match for fitted dresses that show every lump and bump. A smooth bra or a T-shirt bra is a better option, as it's made from ultra-thin fabric for an invisible fit.