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What kinds of briefs are there and which style best suits your body?

Rio briefs, high-waisted briefs, hot pants, and shorts: What’s the difference between these types of briefs? And which style suits your body best? Allow us to explain the most common types of briefs and underwear.

PD - Rio briefs | PrimaDonna


Briefs refer to undergarments in a wide range of different styles. When we refer to 'regular’ briefs, this usually means Rio briefs. Rio briefs have the following features:

  • They offer full coverage at the back and are cut elegantly high at the front for a feminine silhouette.
  • They sit just at the hips.
  • They can be combined with all bra styles (balcony, full-cup, triangle) and have a timeless, feminine look.
  • PrimaDonna has smooth briefs and Rio briefs with delicate lace, embroidery, or tulle at the legs. Smooth and seamless briefs are perfect under fitted outfits, as they fit like a dream and don’t show under clothes. If you have a date night on the horizon, more feminine briefs are perfect, such as one with lace or embroidery. In short: There’s something for everyone!
PD High waist - Maldives | PrimaDonna

High-waisted briefs

High-waisted briefs offer slightly more coverage than Rio briefs. Many women like the feel of extra fabric around the waist and tummy, especially when wearing a fitted dress.

  • If you like lingerie with a bit more coverage around the tummy and waist, high-waisted briefs are a great choice.
  • They offer more coverage at the back than Rio briefs, but are cut elegantly at the legs for a feminine look.
  • They sit at the waist and create a comfortable, supportive fit. Some high-waisted briefs have a slightly shaping effect for an elegant, streamlined silhouette.
  • Creates a feminine retro look, especially when paired with a balcony bra or triangle bra.
PD Short - Novaro - square | PrimaDonna

Shorts y hotpants

Shorts and hot pants have a fun, youthful look and an extremely comfortable fit.

  • Both styles have longer legs that offer full coverage at the back (shorts) or that only reveal a hint of bum (hot pants).
  • They sit at the hips.
  • Both styles are young and flirty looking with a slight retro touch. They can be easily combined with any bra style.
  • PrimaDonna’s shorts and hot pants have a supremely comfortable fit and a delicate finish for an invisible look under clothes. That makes these comfy briefs the perfect choice under fitted outfits.
PD - Thong - Glass Beach ZWA - Square | PrimaDonna


A thong is one of the most feminine types of brief. This style reveals your bum and is completely invisible under a fitted skirt or pants.

  • T-shaped briefs with an extra-high front for an elegant and feminine silhouette.
  • No coverage at the back, which means no uncomfortable lines or seams – perfect for under fitted outfits.
  • A flirty and feminine look that pairs beautifully with an elegant balcony bra.
  • Some PrimaDonna series include luxury thongs with lots of lace or embroidery at the back. The perfect choice for date night!